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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS/cman related problems

thomasie wrote:
> Dear ALL:
> Hello, I hope I'm sending to the correct list.  I'm having problems
> starting up gfs 6.1, and hopefully it's just something incorrect with my
> configuration.
> I used two standard machine . My system is Fedora Core 4. The kernel modules
> load fine.
> First of all,  I load all the needed kernel modules for the cluster. To do
> this, execute the following commands (on both nodes):
>     root node1 # modprobe lock_dlm 
>     root node2 # modprobe lock_dlm 
> Next, I start the cluster configuration service daemon on both nodes with
>     root node1 # ccsd 
>     root node2 # ccsd
> Having started ccsd I need to create the cluster by starting the cluster
> manager on both nodes:
>     root node1 # /sbin/cman_tool join 
>     root node2 # /sbin/cman_tool join    
> when we are going to start both nodes we get that the first node without
> problems, but the second one never get connected at cman and remain trying to
> connect with the following error: (node1) udp port 6809
> unreachable.
> I have not start firewall. And I use the command of  "netstat -a" , 
> the result is 
> udp        0      0    *                               

Oh this old chestnut. Your local host name resolves to rather than to
a real IP address. Remove the host name from the line in /etc/hosts.




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