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[Linux-cluster] RHEL/RHCS3: /usr/lib/clumanager/services/service status # stays up

I'm running a new instance of RHCS on RHEL3 and am having an issue where I get many instances (over how many ever days of the machine running) of the following:

/bin/bash /usr/lib/clumanager/services/service status 1

all showing up when I do a ps auxww | grep status. The number on the end changes and is not always the same but currently on my system I have status 1 and status 0 both "stuck" running. These happen to be checks for mysql (1) and httpd (0), both of which are using standard redhat startup/shutdown/status scripts.

If I kill them, the service that it is associated with restarts thinking that the result didn't return back correctly. Not desirable since the service is actually up.

The number of occurrences has been greatly reduced since I increased the time between checks from 1 to 10. I didn't realize it was in seconds (RTFM) and so I'll probably boost that up to 30 or 60 seconds.

Anyway, in an attempt to debug this, I started a while loop that called the above statement with a -x after the bash and found that the command occassionally hangs at

+ retVal=0
+ '[' -n 6 -a -n 5 -a 6 -le 5 ']'
+ return 3
+ return 0
+ rm -f /tmp/cluster-httpd_status.z16209
+ ip status 0

Anybody venture a guess as to why this might be occurring? And are my check intervals too low?


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