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[Linux-cluster] iptables protection wrapper; nfsexport.sh vs ip.sh racing

The typical NFS cluster setups seem to fail for Gigabit NFS/tcp. Some
clients that are busy during the relocation of services either bail
out with RPC garbage, or set the filesytem to EACCES, or timeout for
17 min.

This has to do with some racing/timing in the NFS vs ip setup/teardown
procedure. Protecting the service startup/shutdown with an iptables
rule is a good workaround to fix this.

But what is the proper way to integrate this workaround? I could setup
new resource agents, one with start=1 and another with start=6 to
start/stop dropping packages. Or I could modify the current resource
agents to allow for child entities and wrap one script around the
service and one in the inner element.

I could probably also hack ip.sh to introduce some delay, to make sure
the NFS services are really up/down before proceeding. Or maybe fix
the true evil by making nfsexport.sh wait for NFS startup/stop
completion (how?)?

What's the best way?
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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