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Re: [Linux-cluster] iptables protection wrapper; nfsexport.sh vs ip.sh racing


Axel Thimm schrieb:

>The typical NFS cluster setups seem to fail for Gigabit NFS/tcp. Some
>clients that are busy during the relocation of services either bail
>out with RPC garbage, or set the filesytem to EACCES, or timeout for
>17 min.
we observe this problem to, using NFS over TCP.
Mounting the filesystem with -o tcp,timeo=600,retrans=1
reduces the  timeout for about one minute on Linux and Solaris 10.



>This has to do with some racing/timing in the NFS vs ip setup/teardown
>procedure. Protecting the service startup/shutdown with an iptables
>rule is a good workaround to fix this.
>But what is the proper way to integrate this workaround? I could setup
>new resource agents, one with start=1 and another with start=6 to
>start/stop dropping packages. Or I could modify the current resource
>agents to allow for child entities and wrap one script around the
>service and one in the inner element.
>I could probably also hack ip.sh to introduce some delay, to make sure
>the NFS services are really up/down before proceeding. Or maybe fix
>the true evil by making nfsexport.sh wait for NFS startup/stop
>completion (how?)?
>What's the best way?
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