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[Linux-cluster] Problems running service exclusivly


I am trying to get the following config to work.

4 node cluster with
1 node providing a mysql service (only to nodes (bs1 and bs2) have the hardare to do so)
2 nodes providing a custom service (the same service on each node (bi1 and bi2))
1 node fallback for both services

It is important, that on every node ony one service is running.
I created the following cluster configuration (RHEL4U1),
but the exclusice flag seems not to work.
I have created three priorisised restricted failoverdomains (one for eache services).
I assigned each service to one failoverdomain (with run exclusively on),
but if I start the rgmanger. als services are running on one node.
I can move them by hand to the right nodes, but this is nor persistent.

Here my cluster.conf

I would be glad, if someone could help me.



<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="46" name="betty_call1">
<fence_daemon clean_start="1" post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3"/>
<clusternode name="bs1" votes="1">
<clusternode name="bs2" votes="1">
<clusternode name="bi1" votes="1">
<clusternode name="bi2" votes="1">

<failoverdomain name="mysql" ordered="1" restricted="1">
<failoverdomainnode name="bs1" priority="1"/>
<failoverdomainnode name="bs2" priority="2"/>
<failoverdomain name="betty-bi1" ordered="1" restricted="1">
<failoverdomainnode name="bi1" priority="1"/>
<failoverdomainnode name="bs1" priority="4"/>
<failoverdomainnode name="bs2" priority="3"/>
<failoverdomainnode name="bi2" priority="2"/>
<failoverdomain name="betty-bi2" ordered="1" restricted="1">
<failoverdomainnode name="bi2" priority="1"/>
<failoverdomainnode name="bs1" priority="3"/>
<failoverdomainnode name="bs2" priority="4"/>
<failoverdomainnode name="bi1" priority="2"/>

<ip address="" monitor_link="1"/>
<fs device="/dev/drbd0" fstype="ext3" mountpoint="/drbd" name="drbd"/>
<script file="/etc/init.d/mysqld" name="mysql"/>
<ip address="" monitor_link="0"/>
<ip address="" monitor_link="0"/>
<script file="/etc/init.d/foo" name="foo"/>

<service autostart="1" exclusive="1" domain="mysql" name="mysql-service">
<fs ref="drbd">
<script ref="mysql"/>
<ip ref=""/>

<service autostart="1" exclusive="1" domain="foo-bi1" name="foo-bi1-service">
<ip ref="">
<script ref="foo"/>

<service autostart="1" exclusive="1" domain="foo-bi2" name="foo-bi2-service">
<ip ref="">
<script ref="foo"/>


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