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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS + Oracle storage hardware suggestions?

can the GFS be used in multiple gnbd server mode, so we can build it
all in IP network to gain cheap cost ?

I show my idea in the picture attached.

On 8/25/05, Matt Goebel <mgoebel workforcesoftware com> wrote:
> I am in the process of specing out a high availability Oracle database
> solution and need some advice from those of you experienced in doing this
> as to what storage hardware to get.
> The plan right now is to have 3 Oracle 9i or 10g nodes (2 failover)
> running on Redhat Enterprise 3.5 or 4.1 with a shared filesystem for
> Oracle via GFS (6.0 or 6.1 depending on which version of RHEL)  We'd also
> like to use multipathing and 2 mirrored SANS of some sort.  The
> application we will be running requires very very little in terms of
> storage space, only ~3GB per year, per database.  DB load will also
> probably not be that high.  Uptime is critical.  So for hardware I have
> been looking into the following:
> iSCSI SAN: I've tested a low end (nice price) EMC AX100i /w GFS 6.0 (using
> GULM) and RHEL 3.5 (4.1 doesn't have iSCSI working yet).  Performance was
> awful... 2.5-5 MB/s writes, 25-30 MB/s reads.  So it looks like iSCSI is
> out of the question unless there is another hardware option that would
> give me the performance I'd want?
> Fibre Channel SAN: I've been trying to avoid using a FC solution if I can
> because of cost but if it's what I need it's what I have to get.  Any
> suggestions on this?  Are these reliable enough to safely use just one SAN
> in a 99% uptime environment?  Any good entry/mid model's to look at?
> AOE (Coraid.com):  This looks to be a perfect solution.. low cost and
> potentially decent performance.  It's relatively new and I haven't heard
> of anyone using it yet though.
> There doesn't seem to be much out there to tell me what sort I can expect
> out of these with GFS...  Any info would be helpful.
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