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[Linux-cluster] CLVM snapshot question

Due to problems with samba locking up on a GFS filesystem, which
appears to be a known problem, we will be reverting back to an ext3
filesystem for our home directories. I have two questions resulting
from this:

1. Is it possible to create a snapshot of an ext3 filesystem but mount
the snapshot on a second computer? I would like to do this so that the
actual file service will be on server 1 but the snapshot mounted on
the backups server for the backup to tape.

2. In system-config-cluster the GFS resource has an options field for
mount options but the FS resource has no such field. The
/usr/share/cluster/fs.sh script would appear to handle an options
entry ok so can I hand edit the cluster.conf file and add an options
entry and have it work ok. I really need to get the ext3 filesystems
mounted with mount options QUOTA and ACL.


Robert Ruge   School of Information Technology, Deakin University 

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