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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: If I have 5 GNBD server?

Brianu and all,

If you know the way to implement a redundant solution for gnbd, share with me please.



brianu wrote:

Hello all,

This is a question I have basically been asking, the question on why you would want to do it is failover, the docs at http://sourceware.org/cluster/gnbd/gnbd_usage.txt state that dm-multipath is an option for gnbd, and documents elsewhere also indicate that GNBD can be configured as a redundancy, yet I cannot find any documentation on how to configure it.

If using LVM to make a volume of imported gnbds is not the answer for redundancy can anyone suggest a method that is? Im not opposed to using any other resource of cluster or GFS but I would really like to implement a redundant solution, ( gnbd, gulm, etc.).

Does anyone has an example of a redundant solution for a cluster/gfs filesystem i.e ( gnbd, gulm etc) ?



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Michael wrote:

Can anyone answer my question?

I don't think LVM cares what kind of storage it uses, as long as it's a

block device.

So theoretically, you can mix local disc, FC storage, GNBD, and ATOE and

combine them using LVM. You might run into performance issues (GNBD are

slower than FC disks) and startup issues (LVM has to start after cluster

and gnbd-import successfuly start), but it should be possible.

The real question is WHY you want to do that.

AFAIK, if you combine 5 gnbd from 5 gnbd servers into one LVM, and you

are accessing a volume on that volume group, and one of the gnbd server

dies (or hangs), gnbd import will wait forever until that server is back

up. So you'll have five more single-point-of-failures.



On 8/26/05, Michael <mikore li gmail com> wrote:


If I have 5 gnbd servers in the network, each one export 1 block

device, can I import all gnbd devices on each gfs client, and use lvm

to manage them as 1 shared pool, then mkfs_gfs on it?



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