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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: If I have 5 GNBD server?

> > If using LVM to make a volume of imported gnbds is not the answer for
> > redundancy can anyone suggest a method that is? Im not opposed to using any
> > other resource of cluster or GFS but I would really like to implement a
> > redundant solution, ( gnbd, gulm, etc.). 
> > 
> Hi, Brianu, maybe LVM + md + gnbd should be one of the solution for
> redundancy, for example, you have 2 gnbd servers, each one exports 1
> disk. Then, the steps should be:
> 1. create a RAID-1  /dev/md0 on GFS client with imported 2 gnbd block devices.
> 2. use LVM  create /dev/vg0 on top of them.
> 3. mkfs_gfs on /dev/vg0.
> I haven't tried this configuration, theoretically, it should work.
> Thanks,
> Michael

I will look into trying a md & lvm combo, as far as keepalived or
rgmanager to failover an ip, i havent seen a clear example on how to use
rgmanager, but i have tried heartbeat (linux HA) to failover the ip, and
the problem is that the gnbd clients still seem to lock on the former
server regardless of that the ip has failed over to another ip ( and continuly try and reconnect as Fajar had mentioned).

The shared storage I have is a HP MSA 100 SAN
It might be a config error on my part as far as rgmanager is concerned i
will have to post my cluster.conf tommorrow.


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