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[Linux-cluster] no a storage question

i know this not the place, but since they so many kernel developers here...
i have a different question regarding locking in the kernel.

In the last issue of linux magazine there was an article about
locking. it presented the follwing  scenario.


In uni processot mahcine with preemption enabled.
spin_lock saves flags and cli(). spin_unlock()  push flags out ( for nesting interrupts)

they said that this code :
Does not protect preemption.

no protection from preemption ? How ?
How can process B get some cpu while process A had disabled interrupts,
no scheduling (unwillingly ) can be made.Prior to the preemption the
kernel scehdular must run and set Process B as the one to run , and to the
best my knowledge, a schedular runs only in timer interrupt.
Or is it possible that the schduler timer routine isn't running in interrupt context ?

thank you

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