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[Linux-cluster] CLVM & Partition Mounting

I'm trying to build my first GFS cluster (2-node on a SAN) on RHEL4, and I can get things up and running manually, but I'm having some trouble getting the process to automate smoothly.

The first issue is that after I install the lvm2-cluster RPM, I can no longer boot the machine cleanly because my /var/log partition is on a separate LVM VolumeGroup (It's still a standard ext3 partition, I just keep all my logs on a RAID10 array in a different area of the SAN for performance) and the presence of clvm library seems to prevent vgchange from running at boot time since clvmd isn't yet running. This part I'm assuming I'm just missing something obvious, but I have no idea what.

The second issue is that GFS doesn't seem to allow an automatic way to actually mount the GFS partitions once clvmd is started. This is a bit of an issue since the partition I am going to want to mount in most cases is /home, and even if I put a mount line in /etc/rc.local, that means services like imap (this cluster) or samba (on the next one) will be up and trying to serve items out of the home directories before the directories exist.

Sorry if I'm being brain dead on this, the fact that I couldn't any reference to it anywhere else suggests I probably am. Can anyone offer any hints?


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