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[Linux-cluster] corrupted gfs filesystem

Title: corrupted gfs filesystem

I'm testing gfs 6.1 (lock dlm) in a 2 node cluster on FC4.  I took both nodes out of the cluster manually, then added node01 back in.  As expected, it fenced node02.  Fencing was done by shutting down a network port on a switch so iscsi could not access the storage devices.  However, the device files still existed. 

Just to see how the cluster would react, I started up ccsd, cman, and fenced on node02.  It joined the cluster w/ out issue.  Even though I knew iscsi was unable to get to the storage devices, I started the gfs init script which attempted to mount the filesystem.  Looks like it trashed it.  Output from gfs_fsck...

# gfs_fsck /dev/iscsi/laxrifa01/lun0
Initializing fsck
Buffer #150609096 (1 of 5) is neither GFS_METATYPE_RB nor GFS_METATYPE_RG.
Resource group is corrupted.
Unable to read in rgrp descriptor.
Unable to fill in resource group information.

Is this expected behavior or is it possible that I'm missing something in my configuration that allowed this to happen?  Thanks.

 - Jeff

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