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[Linux-cluster] any documentaion about manual fence!

Hi All,


Although, I have some experience with the old red hat cluster manager on RH AS2.1, but I am really newbie to RHCS4. Also, I'm too glade to find a lot of cluster experts in this list.


I have built a simple cluster with 2 nodes by following the "Configuring and Managing RHCS" article, and have the following situation:


- Both nodes are up on newly configured cluster, services started on (node1).

- node1 shutdown, node 2 failover the services (apache, mysql).

- boot up node 1 again, (apache return to node1, mysql failed !)

- after that, when restart node1, node1 halted after starting dlm_lock.

- restart node2, node1 display the following:


CMAN: join request from node2 rejected, config version local 11 remote 10.


- after that, node2 start without cluster services.


- the only way  –I guess- to get node1 up now is to stop the cluster services from the linux rescue shell command.


I'm using  the manual_fence since I don’t have any hardware fencing device yet. Also, I configure all the cluster services (ccsd, cman, rgmanager, fenced) to be booting on automatically ( chkconfig on).


I know that the fence device is required to run RHCS, but I am trying now to finish building the cluster using the manual fence.

My questions are:

1-     Is it possible to run the cluster with the manual_fence? Is there any related documentation or alternative way.

2-     I don’t want to waste your time by such questions, but I surprised that a lot of experts use some shell commands to manage and administer the cluster while I am not find any documentation about  RHCS U2 except "Configuring and Managing RHCS" from redhat. So, is there another documentation or method to learn the RHCS well?


I appreciate any help,




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