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[Linux-cluster] clusterfs.sh mount question

Hi List,

I'm just wondering if a GFS filesystem mount done by clusterfs.sh is any
different than a GFS filesystem mount done through /etc/fstab?

I have a GFS fs mounted from /etc/fstab on a node, that node also has
several GFS filesystems mounted via a cluster service. To me and
apparently to the OS, both mounts look the same. I see them all
in /proc/mounts and /etc/mtab, I cd into the directories and see the
files, etc.

What really gets me is that my IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client only
"sees" the mount that was made in /etc/fstab. I use the client to browse
to where I *know* the other file systems are mounted and the directories
look empty to TSM.

This leads me to believe that either TSM is dependent on /etc/fstab for
some odd reason to see mounts OR that clusterfs.sh mounts are somehow
different than /etc/fstab mounts... that last option sounds highly
unlikely to me but I do want to be sure about this before I go looking
down the other road.

I'm trying to get a cluster service to mount GFS filesystems on our
backup server to do backups straight from GFS but if they are mounted
from a service, TSM doesn't "see" them :(

Any input?

This problem is most likely a TSM issue, not a RHCS/GFS issue but I just
thought I'd ask here first to get the most unlikely possibility out of
the way first.


Ryan Thomson

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