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Re: [Linux-cluster] Basic Clustering Help

Amazing what 12 hours does, i "think" i tried this but may not have done so correctly, replaced all cluster.conf with the new version and bang it works great. ALtho i've had to modifiy the order of the init scripts the Ubuntu packaged came with to get the order correct.

Next simple question,

How do i go about auto mounting a GFS volume thats on a GNBD device, i've tried putting it in fstab but that runs before the Cluster and GNBD client are running, i would like to be able to reboot boxes without too much command typing


David Teigland wrote:

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 10:07:49AM +1300, Tristram Cheer wrote:
when i try and run fence_tool join -w i get this

/fenced: local cman node name "asimov" not found in cluster.conf/

<clusternode name="asimov.ubernet.co.nz" votes="1">

Use debugging with cman_tool and fence_tool to see exactly what node names
are being used:
 cman_tool join -wd
 fence_tool join -D

The solution may be to set the cluster.conf name to "asimov", or configure
the system to report "asimov.ubernet.co.nz" as the uname.


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