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Re: [Linux-cluster] failover domain ip address hidden?


I had the very same doubt as you had.

After digging into the manual, I could find a paragraph that instructed me to issue the following command to check the virtual IP addresses in the kernel:

ip addr list

Looking at the "ip" man page, I found that there is possible to make a "label" appear when you type "ifconfig", but for some reason the virtual IP scripts don't make use of this.

For the developers: how about adding a text field where the user could type a short descriptive label for using together with the "ip addr add x.x.x.x dev INTERFACE label LABEL"? This way the label would appear when the user typed "ifconfig", right?

Best regards,


Greg Forte escreveu:
Can anyone explain to me how failover ip addresses are bound to interfaces in the kernel, or why they don't seem to show up in 'ifconfig' output?  I've got one configured and it worked like a charm first try (unlike my fencing setup, heh), I'm just confused as to why it doesn't appear in ifconfig.


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