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[Linux-cluster] Cluster Suite v3 software watchdog


I'm having some difficulties with the software watchdog feature when configuring a Red Hat Cluster Suite v3 with Dell hardware.

Notably I had problems with Dell PowerEdges 2650 and 2850. After setting up the cluster nodes and selecting the "enable software watchdog" check box under every member of the "Members" tab, I can run the cluster with no problems, but the machines reboot from time to time.

I've tried passing the following parameters to the kernel by editing grub.conf:

Does anyone has had this issue before? Or am I missing any step on configuring the software watchdog feature?

Another question for the Red Hat people on the list: does this "software watchdog" works ok? I ask because it's enabled by default when you add a new member to the cluster. The Cluster Suite v3 manual tells nothing about this resource either.

I could only find some information about soft watchdog in the Cluster Suite v2.1 manual, but that version seems to be somewhat different from v3 and v4.

Thanks in advance.



Celso Kopp Webber

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