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[Linux-cluster] aysnc io to too slow over redhat cluster when reading

I have created an asyncio io test reader :
I ran it over linux cluster volume of 1TB, 4 machines
with raid0 of stripe size 512K over ethernet.
when issuing 50 conucurrent iops ( io operations ) the tester
hangs ( CTRL+C doesn't work ) and sometimes it simply far too slow.

I am attaching a tar ball with the tests the asyncio tester is called aiotest
tar zxvf io_test.tgz
cd io_tests/aiotest
make -f aiotest.mak CFG=Release

in order to run it you need to create in a directory of files starting from index i to j.

for example :
if volume gnbd_x is mounted on /mnt/raid
you need to create files from 34 to 34+N , N is numnber of files read.
and run the test:

aiotest -p /mnt/raid/ -i 34 -n 100 -b 0.5 -s 100

this command would read files /mnt/raid/34 .... /mnt/raid/134
100 MB from each file with buffer size 1/2 MB.

Would be thankfull for any reply.

thank you.

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