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[Linux-cluster] Cluster Suite v3 software watchdog

Hello all,

Sorry for resending this, I've got some problems with HTML sending to the list (thanks to Alasdair G Kergon for pointing this out).

I'm having some difficulties with the software watchdog feature when configuring a Red Hat Cluster Suite v3 with Dell hardware.

Notably I had problems with Dell PowerEdges 2650 and 2850. After setting up the cluster nodes and selecting the "enable software watchdog" check box under every member of the "Members" tab, I can run the cluster with no problems, but the machines reboot from time to time.

I've tried passing the following parameters to the kernel by editing grub.conf:

Does anyone has had this issue before? Or am I missing any step on configuring the software watchdog feature?

Another question for the Red Hat people on the list: does this "software watchdog" works ok? I ask because it's enabled by default when you add a new member to the cluster. The Cluster Suite v3 manual tells nothing about this resource either.

I could only find some information about soft watchdog in the Cluster Suite v2.1 manual, but that version seems to be somewhat different from v3 and v4.

Thanks in advance.



*Celso Kopp Webber*

<mailto:celso webbertek com br>

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