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[Linux-cluster] Synchronized filesystem

Is it possible to use GFS to make a synchronized filesystem between 2 machines with a "slow" line in between?
I mean:
- One machine with storage is in US
- One machine without storage is in UK
- There is a 2Mbit line between them.

We would like to have access to the files from both side, reading being *fast*. At the moment, we use rsync during the night. This is OK but:
 - Not up-to-date if modifs in US are done during the day
- If someone wants to modify, he must edit the files in the *US* not in the UK, even if he is in the UK.

The idea would be to have gnbd in the US, GFS accross these 2 machines and GFS in the UK making *read* caching and taking care of locking if someone in the UK modify files in the US. Is that possible with GFS?

Thanks for any ideas.

Best regards / Salutations.

Jean-Eric Cuendet
Senior developer / Technical support
Riskpro Technologies SA
Av. Louis-Ruchonnet 2
CH-1003 Lausanne

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