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[Linux-cluster] clvm mirroring target status


We are going to install a linux cluster with 2 gnbd servers (no SPOF) and gfs + clvm on the cluster nodes (4 nodes). I have two options, if I read the docs well, for duplicating data on the gnbd servers:
1) using clvm target mirroring on the cluster nodes
2) use drbd underneath to mirror discs. Basically two disks per machine: 1 live disk which is mirrored with drbd to the second disk in the second machine and the other way around in the second machine
(so the second disk in the first machine is thus the mirror from the first (="live") disk in the second machine(sounds complicated, but it is just hard to write down)).
Both live disks from each machine will be combined as one logical disk (If I understood well, this is possible).

Question: what is the status of clvm mirroring? Is it stable?
Suppose it is stable, so I have a choice: which one of the options would any of you choose? Reason? (Stability, performance, ...)

I found two hits on google concerning clvm mirroring, but both say it is not finished yet. However the most recent one is from june 2004.
I cannot test either because we have no spare machine. I'm going to buy two machine so I need to know which disk configuration I will be using.

Thanks in advance,


Filip Sergeys
* System Engineer, Verzekeringen NV *
* www.verzekeringen.be              *
* Oostkaai 23 B-2170 Merksem        *
* 03/6416673 - 0477/340942          *

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