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Re: [Linux-cluster] ccsd error in new cvs

On Monday 14 February 2005 14:45, Manuel Bujan wrote:
> Thanks for the patch,
> Now everything is working fine and we are able to start the cluster and
> mount a GFS partition of around 100 GB.
> I checked the logs and everything appears to be OK, except one line related
> to the LVM2 that state:
> Feb 14 15:31:36 atmail-1 lvm[4546]: locking_type not set correctly in
> lvm.conf, cluster operations will not work.
> Feb 14 15:34:15 atmail-1 /sbin/hotplug: no runnable
> /etc/hotplug/block.agent is installed
> I'm testing only with one of our nodes before upgrade to the second one
> because we one to be sure everything is working.
> What that message means ?
> Globally our lvm.conf has the following setup:
> > locking_type = 1
> > locking_dir = "/var/lock/lvm"
> Which value of locking_type has to be used with a two node cman based
> cluster ?

    locking_type = 2
    locking_library = "/usr/lib/liblvm2clusterlock.so"

The locking_dir can be left the way it is.

You will still get a warning when starting clvmd, but it can be ignored, and 
should be fixed for future builds:

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