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RE: [Linux-cluster] GFS and ORACLE-9i

You can use GFS as shared storage file system for Oracle RAC. On Red Hats documentation site you will find a setup guide for this under Cluster Suite/GFS documentation.
But it is a bit unclear if Oracle officially have this setup certified yet. In such a setup the Oracle database files will reside on the GFS file system. OCFS will not be used at all. OCFS will need to be installed if you will like to run it. RAC is supported on OCFS. But OCFS has a number of limitations. You can't grow the file system among other things. It is not an general file system and can only be used for Oracle database files, so you can't ha a shared Oracle home on it. 
Read OCFS documentation carefully and decide if it is OK for your use. It is not to difficult to set up and works.

With 10g it should not bee need for any shared file system if you use ASM, if I understand it right.

Lars Larsen

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Dear All,
    Can gfs file system be used for shared storage when configuring Oracle 
RAC. If I can do so will the oracle partition be OCFS - Oracle Cluster File 
System or GFS. Can I install GFS and OCFS on the same storage. Will there be 
any compatibility issues. Can I use OpenGFS for this purpose. What is the 
difference between GFS and Open GFS.


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