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Re: Re: [Linux-cluster] lock_gulm ERROR

There were no messages!!

/var/log> grep -i gulm me*
messages:Feb 21 10:56:29 server2 lock_gulmd: In main_main.c:254 (v6.0.0) death by: Extra command line parameters. Try again.
messages.1:Feb 19 16:06:27 server2 kernel: lock_gulm: ERROR gulm_LT_recver err -110

I issued lock_gulmd status this morning to check the status of lock servers... The first error message must be from this command since status is not a valid parameter. I was actually trying to

server2 is the client lock server and server1 is the master lock server. There are no error messages on the master lock server either.

Looks like the error messages were not lost:

/var/log> ls -l mes*
-rw-------    1 root    root      219201 Feb 21 11:42 messages
-rw-------    1 root    root      1174142 Feb 20 04:02 messages.1
-rw-------    1 root    root      1496714 Feb 13 04:02 messages.2
-rw-------    1 root    root      873816 Feb  6 04:02 messages.3
-rw-------    1 root    root        31158 Jan 30 04:02 messages.4

Thank you,

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra wrote :
>Raj Kumar wrote:
>>We have been running GFS for sometime now and it was very unreliable until we found a problem today. The GFS mount points are not accessible (cd /mnt/gfs just hangup) at all. This error message was available in the logs:
>>Feb 19 16:06:27 hpdl3801 kernel: lock_gulm: ERROR gulm_LT_recver err -110
>>How do I debug this problem and restore the filesystem to a clean state. Any tips on avoiding this type of errors would be very helpful.
>what did gulm print to the logs before that message?
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