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[Linux-cluster] system-config-cluster not working

Title: system-config-cluster not working

Hello everyone,

we are curently evaluating RHEL 4 and wanted to test the new cluster capabilities. We installed the alpha RPMs as of 2005-02-28. Unfortunately the package system-config-cluster doesn't seem to work with the official RHEL4 system-config-lvm.

In the beginning it failed to start due to Python files (i.e. CommandHandler) that belong to system-config-lvm. I included the necessary path to the Python search path. At least the cluster manager started after that. But now I get the error message "AttributeError: CommandHandler instance has no attribute 'isClusterMember'". Is there a new package for LVM configuration or for cluster configuration that resolves that problem?

I couldn't find a roadmap for a cluster suite compatible with RHEL4. Anyone knows of the planned date for the official release?

Best regards,

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