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Re: [Linux-cluster] upgrading GFS 5.2 --> GFS 6

Robert Schmoelzer wrote:

Hi all,

We are running GFS 5.2 on 3 nodes.
Each of our 4 filesystems is ~900GB.
We are now planning to upgrade to GSF 6.*

GFS 5.2.1, right? I assume you want to go to GFS 6.1 since you mention DLM below.

My questions are:
Can we just mount the filesystems after the
Upgrade or is there some "migration" needed?

Some migration involved. Don't forget to backup first.

Basically, you need to use 'ccs_tool upgrade' to change your 5.2.1 ccs archive into the cluster.conf XML for 6.1. Then start your 6.1 cluster. If you choose to use the DLM you need to use 'gfs_tool sb /dev/example/example proto lock_dlm' to change the lock protocol. Then the first time you mount you need to specify the extra mount option 'upgrade', like 'mount -t gfs -o upgrade /dev/example/example /mnt/gfs1'. The upgrade mount option only needs to be specified once per filesystem. Before mounting you can also choose (or not) to upgrade the pool volumes to LVM volumes; use the 'vgconvert -M2 volname' to do this.

None of this is documented yet, but that's the basic jist of it. I've done a few upgrades of both 5.2.1 and 6.0 to 6.1 and it worksforme.

Good Luck,

What is the advantage of GULM over DLM, which one should we consider?



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