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[Linux-cluster] Clusters special interest group (SIG)

The purpose of the Clusters SIG is to provide a general Linux clusters
forum which is not specific to any one cluster project. Most of the
discussion takes place on the clusters_sig osdl org mailing list.

For information, the web page is here:

To sign up for mailing list:

Initial topics will most likely be (still up for discussion):

   - Common kernel components 
      * Code review for kernel hooks needed for in-kernel cluster
  * Sharing of common features between cluster implementations 
      * Fencing mechanisms
      * Resource management
      * Other cluster components (DLM, Membership, communication, etc)
  * SA Forum interfaces
  * OSDL working group capabilities/requirements
  * Customer and developer feedback on how open source clustering is
    being used and features that are needed or lacking.


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