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Re Re: [Linux-cluster] mount file system GFS

>Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra

>run dmesg to get more info about why it cannot mount.

>Did you remember to start lock_gulmd?

Certainly, thank you very much!
But now I have another problem.:Only the node stablished like server lock_gulm can mount the file system, the second node hang. Why??
The nodes' names are different and each node the file /etc/hosts contains:    localhost.localdomain      localhost    machinename.domain    machinename
   (ip machine)   machinename.domain   machinename

I have another question: I have read the number of lock_gulm servers only can be 1, 3 or 5, not 2. Is right?
I am thinking established the two nodes like servers lock_gulm, will be this correct?

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