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Re:: Re: Re Re: [Linux-cluster] mount file system GFS

Thank you very much for your help, Michael.
Excuse me, but my english is not enough good. I try write correctly in an understable way,but not always I achieve it.

Finally, with your help, I achieved mount a file system shared by two nodes, only one of this is running like lock_gulmd server. I had to eliminate the lines in /etc/hosts file of each node, that contain Someone said to me in a occasion that never eliminate the line:
' localhost.localdomain localhost'
What can it happen?? what problems can appear??

My system now had a single point of failure, I would like, if it is possible that the two nodes were servers lock_gulm . I understand in your message I can run the two nodes like servers lock_gulm having only two nodes but declaring three nodes in the file cluster.ccs in the sentence servers=" " and using only two of the three (really the third node not exits). In the file nodes.ccs : I had to declare the three nodes too??Nor?? Do I undersand you well??

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