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Re: : Re: Re Re: [Linux-cluster] mount file system GFS

Thanks, It is certain. At last I achieved mount the file system from two nodes and the file /etc/hosts maintains localhost...................

I included the line mymachinename ...... because I understood wrong a message that I read
and I decided to probe with it.

Now I know the problem was in the file /etc/hosts of each machine does not appear a line including the ip and name of the other machine.


You don't have to remove the loopback line, only the reference to the machines host name
in that line...
so instead of having.... mymachinename localhost.localdomain localhost

You only need/want....        localhost.localdomain   localhost mymachinename.mydomain.com mymachinename

of course you'll use your correct ip address, etc....
having the host name in the loopback line causes all sorts of problems with
other things as well and I am not sure why it's put there in the first place.



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