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Re:[Linux-cluster] gfs probelm


> I configure the gfs , and i mount the partitioned as gfs as mentioned in
the document, but when make a reboot, the system halted and stay ask
continuously :  lock_glumd is it running.

>i didnt put the mounted gfs partitions in the /etc/fstab. ( is that true

i made a shell and i put in it the following :
 service ccsd stop
 service lock_gulmd stop

and i execut it before i make a reboot, and when i loged again to the
system the two services are running by the system, that is ok , i know it is
not a solution , BUT in the second reboot i found that the system gives the
same continuous error question ( lock_gulmd is it running? ).

how can i solve this ?
can i put the partitions in the /etc/fstab ?

OR WHAT ?????.

I don't know many nodes you have running, and if all nodes are lock_gulm servers or only one of them. Maybe if you reboot a node that is a server lock_gulm without stop this services (gfs, lock_gulmd, ccsd) and other nodes that are running depens of that node.

have you created the archive /etc/sysconfig/gfs ???

!!The order to stop the modules is: gfs, lock_gulmd, ccsd, pool.
Sorry I can not help you more.
  Good luck!

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