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Re:Re: Re:[Linux-cluster] gfs probelm

no i didnt create the archive /etc/sysconfig/gfs ??? yet.

>actually i dont know how will i create it, im using a GFS document and that
is not mention in the doc.

how can i build it and what can i put in it ?


The only you have to do is: since a console of the system write:

[root machinename]# nano /etc/sysconfig/gfs
then appear in the console this archive and write into it something like this;

  POOLS="name_pool1 name_pool2 ...name_pooln"

(name_pool_cluster: pool created for the archive cca of the cluster that you are usign, in the administration guide of GFS6.0 appear like alpha_cca )

(You can create the file in other way of course)

With this archive the system on the boot or reboot try to stop ther services: gfs, lock_gulmd, ccsd and pool (I believe it!!!!)


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