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[Linux-cluster] FC3 and FC2 package backports of GFS


I'm starting to push out packages for GFS on FC3 and FC2 under


The userland packages are basically rebuilds of what exists in FC

The kernel module packages are still the same cut from CVS like the
rawhide packages (with minor compile fixes for 2.6.10), but the
packages have been completely restructured to allow for each installed
kernel to have its own non-conflicting copy of the required kernel
modules. I.e. the kernel modules for GFS are in packages called
GFS-kmdl-<kernel uname -r> etc.

There are also packages for qla2xxx, device-mapper with multipath
support as well as multipath-tools for setting up GFS over FC.

Please note that most packages are placed in the "bleeding" repo which
is only for early and experimental packages. Nevertheless feel free to
fry your SANs with them. :)

Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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