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[Linux-cluster] How install gfs with dm and lvm2?????

Hi, I am here again.

I am trying install gfs from cvs with opendlm (something like that) on a system with red hat enterprise 3.0, maintaining the kernel

I found in the page 'http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/gfs/' some instructions for it,.
I started installing the device-mapper and applying the patch for this module to my kernel (following the instructions in the correspondig file INSTALL).

But I have found some problems, when I try apply the patchs contained in the package device-mapper-... for the device-mapper and the VFS: the system said already exits the mayority of the archives and when I try build the kernel (once selected the option device mapper support ) gives me some errors:
error: symbol '_kstrtab_vcalloc' is already defined'
eroor: symbol '_ksymtab_vcalloc' is already defined'

What happen?? Is this way the most correct or handy?? Someone could to guide me ?
Does it exits any manual or recipe that can to help me??

Thanks, i am a bit lost...

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