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Re: [Linux-cluster] OOM failures with GFS, NFS and Samba on a cluster with RHEL3-AS

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 01:45:28PM -0500, Jonathan Woytek wrote:
> Additional information:
> I enabled full output on lock_gulmd, since my dead top sessions would 
> often show that process near the top of the list around the time of 
> crashes.  The machine was rebooted around 10:50AM, and was down again at 

Not suprising that lock_gulmd is working hard when gfs is under heavy
use.  Its it busy processing all those lock requests.  What would be
more useful from gulm for this than the logging messages, is to query
the locktable every so often for its stats.
`gulm_tool getstats <master>:lt000`
The 'locks = ###' line is how many lock structures are current held.
gulm is very greedy about memory, and you are running the lock servers
on the same nodes you're mounting from.

also, just to see if I read the first post right, you have

Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra
i'm trying to think, but nothing's happening...

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