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[Linux-cluster] GFS and HEARTBEAT

Hi, I have a doubt (among many).

How can I stablish heartbear with GFS???

I have two nodes connected through ethernet, both nodes are servers lock_gulmd (I have installed GFS 6.0.0-7.1 over my kernel 2.4. 21-15.0.4.EL- I am using Red Hat Enterprise v.3).
In the file CLUSTER.CCS I have defined three nodes (the third never take part in the cluster),
the three nodes too are defined in the file NODES.CCS, the method of fencing that I have defined is
MANUAL. I would like to know how I can install heartbeat in my system:

Has GFS any mechanism that permit run heartbeat??

Why GFS can add parameters for heartbeat in the file CLUSTER.CCS??

 What relation have this parameter with the process heartbeat??
 I have to download and install heartbeat from ..
                       http://linux-ha.org/download ??????????'
 or GFS incorporates any ???

 Thanks for all,

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