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Re: [Linux-cluster] A few GFS newbie questions: journals, etc

> > You shouldn't even need CLVM if you don't intend to muddle with
> > partitions or cross-mount the file systems.  You'll lose resizing, but
> > in doing so, your clients no longer need to be cluster participants.

CLVM is cool, but its pretty much useless until LVM2 actually implements 
pvresize or a pvextend. One of the main advantages of having a SAN is being 
able to add space to a volume (LUN)   Currently when we expand a volume on 
the san, we have to unmount the filesystem, rescan the LUNs, then run fdisk 
on that volume, delete the partition entry, and recreate it to use all the 
space.. then at that point we can run ext2online / gfs_grow to resize the 

I would be VERY nice if pvresize / pvextend existed, that way one could expand 
the volume on the SAN, rescan LUNs on each cluster member, run pvresize / 
pvextend, run lvextend and then gfs_grow and call it a day.

I mentioned this at the RedHat summit, and got a few puzzled looks, but never 
got an answer on the matter.

> Oh certainly...
> I was just trying to think of why someone would want to use GFS to do
> this, and the idea of the machines not have pre-fixed partition sizes was
> about the only thing I could think of.
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