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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem rebooting cluster node - CMANsendmsg failed: -101

Jason Lanclos wrote:

I've run into this also.. For some reason any scripts that don't have the word "daemon" in them,
don't run when shutting the system down. And sometimes the install didn't setup the correct links in rc6.d.
To resolve this I just used the following script to put the word daemon in each script, and remove, and recreate the rc links.
for i in ccsd cman fenced gfs rgmanager
echo "# daemon" >> /etc/init.d/$i
chkconfig --del $i
chkconfig --add $i

I know I didn't install the startup links, as I would have used chkconfig to do it. I used chkconfig to add the links, and it did the job as expected.

I first installed the rpm's when fc4 was released, but they had too many old bugs. I uninstalled the rpm's and installed from cvs (FC4 branch). Since then the rpm's have been updated, so I will probably convert to those to ease management when I have the other cluster node available.

Anyway. Problem solved, and just to be safe I have also added the daemon lines in the scripts.


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