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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS configuration question

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 11:22 -0400, Eric Kerin wrote:
> > What happens is exacly what you describe. Exports come up all in one go, 
> > then the IP address.
> > But then, a split second later all exports except the one I have in 
> > /etc/exports are gone. It's as if something has done 'exportfs -r'. I'll 
> > have to look into this. Could be my own config problem, as I restart the 
> > lockd when bringing up the service. However the exports are all there 
> > when I reboot and let the services come up automatically, and if my 
> > script is the culprit it should behave the same way then, shouldn't it?
> > 
> Just because I'm curious, why do you restart lockd?  Are you restarting
> any other nfs related services from rgmanager?
> > Of my 9 export entries in cluster.conf only 5 
> > get tested and reexported after disappearing. As I said they are all 
> > there if I reboot and let the service come up automatically.
> > 
> It'd be interesting to see the relevant section of your cluster.conf
> file.  Also you don't have any of the filesystems you are exporting in
> the cluster setup in /etc/exports, do you?

... and /etc/exports.

If the cluster is for some reason unexporting stuff in /etc/exports
which it shouldn't, it's a bug.


If you have /mnt/clusterexport in cluster.conf as an NFS export, and you
have "/tmp" as an export in /etc/exports - and the "/tmp" export is
dissappearing, that's a bug.

If you have /mnt/clusterexport in both cluster.conf
and /etc/exports, ... that's a config problem.  Let the cluster manage
the stuff you intend to export from the cluster. =)

-- Lon

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