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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS configuration question

Lon Hohberger wrote:

... and /etc/exports.

If the cluster is for some reason unexporting stuff in /etc/exports
which it shouldn't, it's a bug.

No. It was my own config problem that unexported the file systems, I guess.


If you have /mnt/clusterexport in cluster.conf as an NFS export, and you
have "/tmp" as an export in /etc/exports - and the "/tmp" export is
dissappearing, that's a bug.

If you have /mnt/clusterexport in both cluster.conf
and /etc/exports, ... that's a config problem. Let the cluster manage
the stuff you intend to export from the cluster. =)

No problem here. The export I have in /etc/exports was still there.

As I said above, the deletion of the cluster-administered exports was probably my fault, as I had gotten a line from an early config file back into my new one. This line tried to start the nfs startup script on a system that already had nfs running. I guess this results in 'exportfs -r' after the cluster has exported, and suddenly the list is back to just the contents of /etc/exports.

What I still think may be a bug is that of my 9 exports in cluster.conf only 5 get checked regularly through calls to "nfsclient.sh status", and thus only those 5 got reexported after they got deleted. I would never have seen this problem without messing up myself in the first place :-/


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