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[Linux-cluster] GFS usage for simultanous access / shared-nothing

Hi all,


I wonder if it’s possible that two servers maintain an exact copy of a file system in a „shared-nothing-architecture“. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any hint on that although having already read through Redhat’s documentation on GFS 6.1.


Can anyone confirm that or mention an URL with the corresponding parameters?



The set-up I plan to do is with two machines, each having about 1TB of storage in a RAID5-setup. On both of the machines some services are running and of course they should have access to the same data at any time. Access is done on a file-by-level and it’s unlikely that both machines want to access the same file at any given moment (if so, one should wait until the lock is released). If one of the machines crashes, operation on the 2nd one shall continue and upon rebooting the failed one should synchronize its discs and restart the services after successful rebuild.








Thomas Schwanhäuser


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