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[Linux-cluster] Re: redhat clustersuite problem

Hi Lon,

Did you receive my config ? my test so far suggest that the actual
application (gw) cannot be run. I dont know why. Maybe the application
is not accessible ???  But, manually, I can run "./main.sh start" and
the application will run.


On 7/13/05, Lon Hohberger <lhh redhat com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-07-12 at 21:11 +0800, Hanny Tidore wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have 2 dell servers with clustersuite installed. I can run xclock as
> > cluster service. However I got a problem running a particular service
> > called gw. It is a server listening to a certain port.
> > The script called by the cluster service is main.sh
> >
> > The problem is I can run main.sh by calling "./main.sh start"
> > manually. However, when I try running the service from the cluster (by
> > enabling the service), the service says started in the cluster but
> > when I check from the console, it does not actually start.
> >
> > Thanks for your help.
> Can you send info to linux-cluster redhat com with the service
> configuration snippet?
> -- Lon

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