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RE: [Linux-cluster] kernel: CMANsendmsg failed: -101

First of all, thanks for the reply.  I've run "service cman stop" so
many times my fingers hurt and I've never had a problem.  I've never run
/etc/init.d/cman stop before and its going to be difficult for me to do
it atm.  I suppose if I run it and it outputs something dreadful then
I've found my answer :)  Thanks for the response...at least I have
something better than a google search to confirm the most likely


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Jeff Harr wrote:
> Hello all, sorry for the back to back questions but I've just
> Redhat Cluster 4 for the first time and have but a single problem with
> the way the cluster works.  If I cause a failover (for example, by
> bringing my bonded interface down), the fencing does its job by
> attempting to power down the proper node.  However, the shutdown gets
> halted by an endless loop of "kernel: CMANsendmsg failed: -101"
> I've looked through google and noted that this can be caused by
> "cman" shutdown scripts.  I've got ALL of my startup/shutdown scripts
> for all the various run levels so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

It is nearly always caused by cman not being shut down when the system
is shut
down. Are there any errors displayed when the cman shutdown script is
run ?



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