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RE: [Linux-cluster] kernel: CMANsendmsg failed: -101

Hey, there's a new suggestion :)  Thanks, I'll try that.


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On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 14:54 -0400, Jeff Harr wrote:
> Well, its actually on a Proliant blade and I'm going in through a
> virtual console (an ILO) to issue the ifdown commands.  I'm doing
> power-fencing on the ILO itself (its one of the ways you can do it
> Redhat Cluster). 


Ok, so, it's trying to be fenced, but it's hanging in shutdown.  The
fencing is causing the shutdown, right?

        chkconfig --del acpid
        service acpid stop

With ACPID running, the virtual power button press gets translated to
"shutdown -h now" instead of "power off NOW", which is what the cluster

-- Lon

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