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[Linux-cluster] GFS newbie need help!


I use RHEL4 update 1 with RedHat cluster suit and RedHat GFS
installed, I want to test GFS under gnbd, when i create LVM, I recive
error messages. This is my approach:

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/testgnbd bs=1M count=1023
1023+0 records in
1023+0 records out

# modprobe gnbd

# gnbd_serv
gnbd_serv: startup succeeded

# gnbd_export -d /tmp/testgnbd -e testgnbd -c
gnbd_export: created GNBD testgnbd serving file /tmp/testgnbd

# gnbd_import -i localhost
gnbd_import: created directory /dev/gnbd
gnbd_import: created gnbd device testgnbd
gnbd_recvd: gnbd_recvd started

# pvcreate /dev/gnbd/testgnbd
  Physical volume "/dev/gnbd/testgnbd" successfully created

# vgcreate testvg /dev/gnbd/testgnbd
  Volume group "testvg" successfully created

#  lvcreate -L 1000 -n testlv testvg
  Error locking on node ECGL2-a5770c: Internal lvm error, check syslog
  Failed to activate new LV.

#  tail /var/log/messages
lvm[2041]: Volume group for uuid not found:

# vgscan
  Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...
  Found volume group "testvg" using metadata type lvm2

   inactive          '/dev/testvg/testlv' [1000.00 MB] inherit

Please help me to resolve the problem, thanks!


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