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Re: [Linux-cluster] Using cman,etc for a non-gfs app

On Wed, 2005-20-07 at 13:49 -0400, Lon Hohberger wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 18:02 -0400, Olivier Crete wrote:
> > On Wed, 2005-22-06 at 18:36 -0400, Lon Hohberger wrote:
> > > * libmagma provides cp_fence() / clu_fence() which work on both CMAN and
> > > gulm.
> > 
> > I've looked implementing clu_fence() in libmagma. It seems to only call
> > an ioctl in the kernel cman which only seems to do cooperative fencing
> > and removing a node from the cluster... I dont see any call to fenced or
> > fence_node. Or have I missed something ?
> > 
> Correct, it removes the node via libgulm or asking CMAN to expire and
> fence the node.

But cman does not seem to really fence the node... just remove it from
its list..  So that's not enough for our app that has shared storage..
Ideally, I would need the same behavior as stonith and have the call
block and return only when we are 100% sure that the node have been

> If you want to change it, I'd recommend calling fence_node from the
> particular plugin you're using rather than altering the way libmagma
> works (libmagma is dumb -- don't make it smart, that's not it's
> job! ;) ).

Right now I'm just calling fence_node directly from my app

Olivier Crête
ocrete max-t com
Maximum Throughput Inc.

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