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Re: [Linux-cluster] cman ignores interface setting on ipv4

Olivier Crete wrote:
> Make sure it doesnt break in the case where the interface isnt
> specified.. I didn't test that case.

The command-line and parsers should prevent that happening in the first place,
but it will be carefully tested :-)

>>Multicast should (well, does for me!) work anyway provided you only use one
>>interface and it matches the host name - which it always should all you'll run
>>into other problems.
>>Were you actually having problems with it without the patch ?
> Yes, our nodes are linked using two different networks, a management
> network (Ethernet) and a cluster interconnect (myrinet).. and I want the
> heartbeat stuff to happen over myrinet (this is what our application
> uses).. But the hostname of the nodes resolves to the ip of the Ethernet
> card.

OK that sounds expected. We always recommend that the hostname used for cman
is the one that resolves to the interface you are using - mainly to avoid
confusion because broadcast depends on it!



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