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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL4 srpm spec file bugs/problems


Could you please a bug for the messy BUILD/smp issue? (The fake-build-provides problem has just been fixed).

It will allow us to track this issue and make sure that it gets resolved.

Thanks, Chris

Troy Dawson wrote:
These problems might have already been taken care of (I haven't checked out the latest CVS), but just incase they haven't, here's some problems I encountered while rebuilding the RHEL4 src rpm's, and way's they could be fixed.

First - cman-kernel has the build dependancy on fake-build-provides, which isn't in the RHEL4 release. The way around this is to build it with the --nodeps option. But it really should be taken out of the RHEL4 spec files unless it is going to be provided at some time.
(this was already discussed on this mailling list, but I'll put it here for completeness)

Second - source rpm's that build kernel modules leave messy BUILD/smp and BUILD/hugemem directories when they are done. These don't get cleaned up, and when you are building the next rpm that does kernel modules, there is conflicting files, so the next rpm doesn't build correctly.
Currently you have to remove those directories by hand after each rpm that builds a kernel module. It would be nice if there was a couple of cleanup lines in the %clean section in the spec files.

Troy Dawson

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