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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS freezing

Scott Money lycos-inc com wrote:
We are seeing a similar issue. We have a 3 node gfs system that uses a gnbd server as storage. We originally ran into this problem quite frequently, but hard-setting our NICs to 100Mbit full duplex has limited the system freezes to "large" data transfers. (e.g. copying 500mb files via scp or creating 500mb Oracle tablespaces). The good news is that the fencing works ;-)
I have had gfs-deadlocks too - I mounted the gfs on two nodes,
and started an instance of bonnie++ on both nodes. Within a few
seconds both nodes seem to have deadlocked - the bonnie++ is in
state "S", and trying to access the gfs (i.e. via "ls") results
in block the accessing app. The nodes where not fenced, so I believe
that the heartbeats where still sent and received.

I'm using lock_gulm, and not lock_dlm.

Let me know if you get any information about this.
Me too, please ;-)

greetings, FLorian Pflug

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