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Re: [Linux-cluster] Compile errors

High Mobley wrote:
> I'm in need of the CLVM software for a project that I'm working on. It
> appears that I require the full RH Cluster software suite in order to
> run CLVM, so I've been trying to follow the information that I found in
> your usage.txt file, as well as the INSTALL file that came with the cvs
> code's STABLE branch.
> I was initially trying to compile against recent 2.6.x kernels, but then
> I noticed that the kernel patches in the STABLE branch were in a
> subdirectory called "2.6.9". So my latest attempts have been to compile
> against linux-2.6.9 kernel sources. I have tried both the STABLE and
> RHEL4 branches. Both have failed to compile.
> I am running Debian Sarge, but I am using vanilla kernel.org sources.
> Thank you in advance for any direction that is provided!
> Following is the output from 'make install' on the STABLE branch:

I haven't test it myself on Debian Sarge, but you can grab the full suite
already packaged from:


and the GUI:


Due to Build-Deps and Depends of the packages I strongly suggest you
to build the debs from the orig.tar.gz/diff.gz/dsc.

Install redhat-cluster-suite-source_1.20050721-0ubuntu1_all.deb that will
use module-assistent to build a .deb for the kernel modules.

Install redhat-cluster-suite meta package that will resolve the depends
for you.

Due to a soname change in the libs, you will need ether to rebuild (no source
changes required) lvm2 or grab it clvm from the ubuntu archive.


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